Information, Analysis, and Assessment (IAA)

The division of Information, Analysis, and Assessment (IAA) has been restructured. Please contact the appropriate office below for assistance with institutional data, planning or assessment.

1. Institutional Research (IR):
IR provides electronic and web-based dissemination of official information to the university community, external agencies, and the Florida Board of Governors (BOG); generates, supervises or develops all official data reports; and provides end-user data solutions and training to facilitate the decision-making processes.

2. Operational Excellence and Assessment Support (OEAS):
OEAS supports efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of university operations and the quality of student learning outcomes through assessment by providing support to all administrative units and academic programs through integrated processes that include continuous quality improvement, survey development, data collection, analysis, and guidance in assessment.

3. University Analysis and Planning Support (UAPS):
UAPS enhances the management capability within UCF to improve the university's ability to deliver an educational experience that increases attainment of student learning outcomes by providing models and information to support and empower academic units, administrative units, and external stakeholders to utilize analysis and research results as the cornerstone for informed decision-making.

Office of Institutional Research Operational Excellence & Assessment Support University Analysis & Planning Support